Feeling Trapped By
All That Work?

There’s Got To Be...

Something Better

Feeling Trapped By All That Work? There’s Got To Be...Something Better



"We have loved having ladies from SOMETHING BETTER come in an 'clean us up'.  It always smells so good to come home to a fresh and clean apartment.  And the office staff has been so polite and wonderful each time we have called (or they have called us).  We do appreciate every bit of help we have gotten from this firm. "   Martha M., Sellersville, PA


"Calling Something Better was the best thing I could have done . My every need was met with courtesy and understanding. I would highly recommend them for any and all of your needs."

M.T., organizing client in Levittown, PA


"I am so fortunate to have found you.  Something Better goes above & beyond!  You are appreciated."

D.K, Sellersville, PA


"Thanks for your kind thoughts on my re-claiming my home.  I am eager to feel able to once again consider it a home and mine, at that!  I'm also in the process of, actually, reclaiming a fully engaged and happy life again.  Who knew there was one just around the corner kind of hiding in the wings, so to speak?  Am applying for jobs again as I write this, and reevaluating/redesigning some of my relationships and chosen activities.  Finances are being re examined too.  What can I say, when I clean house I clean house!!

Am so pleased to have your agency be a part of this positive change in my world.  Thank you again for your kindness and understanding and willingness to work with me!"

D.S., Perkasie, PA



"We didn't have time to clean before we moved into our new home, so I called Something Better. Karin was most accommodating when I told her that the one-time cleaning couldn't be done until settlement was over late in the afternoon. I contacted them once settlement was over and they were at our new house in 10 minutes! The girls worked like dynamos. My wife and I were very pleased with the outcome and felt much more comfortable moving all our stuff into our new clean home the next day. My wife and I highly recommend them."    

Joseph B., North Wales, PA

"They were fabulous. I would definately use them again. They work non-stop and pay attention to every detail. The girls ( I had 3) got here on time, went straight to work and I didn't even know they were here. I love that they put things back the same place they found them and they do move things to clean underneath. I can't say enough about Margaret and her crew. If you want a great service and a great rate, you should call Something Better, because they really are."

Kathy J., Lansdale, PA


"We had a quote for our full house cleaning and they honored the amount they quoted even though they worked a bit longer than expected. Our house smelled amazing, my hardwood floors were sparkling and my expectations were exceeded. I would recommend them and will use Something Better again."

Dave S., Horsham, PA


Organizing job:  "They did a great job and they really listened to what I needed. They weren't pushy and were good spirited. I wanted someone to coach me and train me to maintain it. They let me set the schedule and the approach. I would highly recommend them."

Lori K., Souderton, PA


"Quality service and professionalism from my first phone conversation with Margaret through the cleaning done in my home. Marsha arrived exactly on time and the work she did was excellent, with care taken to make sure the cleaning was accomplished to follow what I had requested. I am definitely going to continue using the services of Something Better."

Elizabeth C., Lansdale, PA


"We had a party planned for a group of 40 business associates and my husband got called out of town before the party, and I had no time to clean up, so I called Something Better to save me. They did a great job getting the house ready for my guests so that I could focus on setting up for the party and get our regular everyday work done Thank you so much - Something Better!"

Stacia S., Harleysville, PA


 "Maureen, Nicole and JM did a  wonderful job!  Maureen is very professional, and I must say, she is the reason that I've selected your company to do our cleaning.  I found them all very personable AND efficient, a combination that I haven't found elsewhere.  The house is beautiful...I'm looking forward to their return.

You can look forward to likely hearing from my friends, the D's as well as the C's. So many St Jude School families make the choice to keep more time for family by "offloading" responsibilities such as home
maintenance and cleaning.  I was able to surprise my family with Phillies tickets this past Saturday, since I didn't have to "look forward" to cleaning my home.  THANK YOU!!"

Irene C., Chalfont, PA


"I cannot tell you how excited I was when I came home tonight to a clean upstairs and living room.  The bathroom upstairs has not been that clean since I cannot tell you when.  The floor looks wonderful - my
husband thinks I'm crazy but I can't live in dirt like he could and I'm just so excited to have you guys back!  Thanks so much!"

Lori P., Harleysville, PA




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