Feeling Trapped By
All That Work?

There’s Got To Be...

Something Better

Feeling Trapped By All That Work? There’s Got To Be...Something Better


Cleaning Services

Something Better provides one-time cleaning services as well as ongoing cleaning services—whatever you need!  Site evaluations from Something Better are FREE and help determine the scope and cost of your job.

Hire Something Better With Confidence
Something Better is bonded and insured for your protection.Something Better emphasizes high standards of professional integrity with our workers and are happy to provide references and names of other satisfied customers.

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True or False: A little lie doesn’t hurt anyone.

False! The truth is a little lie casts a long shadow. Lies may reduce suffering in the moment but are more harmful than you think.  Even the lies you tell yourself.

Lie #3 - “I'll start cleaning after a quick break.”
(Wondering what Lies #1 and #2 are?  Check out
our Organizing page!)
You get home from work and know you NEED to clean the bathroom.  But first, you sit down and watch one episode of a show.  That episode ends with a cliffhanger!  Just one more episode can't hurt, right?  Before you know it, it's time for bed and the bathroom remains dirty at least one more day.

It's true that an occasional break is beneficial, but sometimes you never get past the break.  Especially if the break involves a sticky activity.  What's a sticky activity?  One you start but can't seem to leave . . . TV watching and playing computer games tend to be super sticky activities.

Avoid sticky activities.  If watching a TV show turns into binge watching, don't start!  Instead, schedule cleaning time with a defined start and end time so you know your break is coming.  Once you've finished cleaning, you will feel much better about taking your well deserved break!

Of course, there could be an underlying reason why you don't get past the sticky activities.  Perhaps you aren't getting enough sleep, you aren't physically strong enough, or you're just too busy.  If you can't keep up with your chores, consider letting another pair of hands help.  This could be your husband, kids, sister, mother, or . . . Something Better.

Something Better is happy to help you get your home back into tip top shape and we can help you maintain your new, clean look.  It's as easy as calling or messaging us and letting us know that you’d like to schedule a FREE site evaluation. No obligation, no pressure, no judgment.  Just helping hands.

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