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Feeling Trapped By All That Work? There’s Got To Be...Something Better


Cleaning Tips & Tricks

“Take a picture; it’ll last longer!” No, this isn’t the sound of your kids bickering. This cleaning tip  is for you if you’ve ever found yourself bemoaning the 4 hours it took to clean your home and in a little under 4 minutes kids, puppies, or husbands have recreated that mess all over again! Don’t let yourself become discouraged by the quick turnaround on a clean room. Instead try this: once you’re room has achieved the tidiness and cleanliness that you’ve worked so hard for, snap a few quick pictures of the finished product. Turn on all the lights, plump the pillows, straighten the fringe on the rug... anything to give the room a warm and tidy glow. Then print the pictures. You can keep them tucked away in a drawer to be brought out when you need inspiration... or your kids swear that the room IS clean and they don’t know WHAT you want them to do. An added plus is that if you find an organizational setup that really seems to work, you’ll have a reference point when you want things put back the same way. Inspiration, motivation, instruction...now that’s a picture that’s worth a thousand words!

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